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Nasal Tanners vs Tanning Injections. Which is better?

Nasal tanners / nasal mt2 verus tanning injections / Injectable melanotan 2.

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Nasal Tanners vs Tanning injections – We get asked frequently which is best, we will run through the pros and cons of each method of administration.
Everyone reading this will be looking to achieve brilliant tan but some are hesitant on which method of use is best for them.

Starting with Nasal tanners pro’s include;

  • ease of administration
  • Portability 
  • Natural looking results
  • Results regardless of skin type
  • Painless
Cons of nasal Melanotan 2
  • Results can be slower to achieve
  • known to be around 40% as effective as injectable melanotan 2
  • Pigmentation such as freckles/moles may be increased
Pros of tanning injections
  • Noticeable results within 10 days
  • Long lasting deep natural looking tan
  • Darkening of hair colour in red headed people
  • Increased libido

Cons of injectable melanotan 2 

  • Use of injections may not be for everyone
  • side effects that include facial flushing/nausea/Sickness may be heightened
In summary, the chosen way of administration may be different based on the pros and cons of each method. Some people will prefer the ease and usability of nasal tanners others will prefer the effectiveness and speed of results with tanning injections. Either method will result in you achieving the most natural tan possible. That is why they are becoming ever more popular.

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